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Maddison released the first video after the scandal because of the joke about the Koran

Recently videobloger only conducted streams and answered the questions of fans.

Videobloger Ilya Davydov, better known as Ilya Maddison, released the first video on the official YouTube channel after the scandal because of his joke about the Koran on the stand-up performance. He previously led streams on Twitch, appeared in the commercials of other bloggers and in the championship for Warface.

In the video, Maddison talks about his new computer from Invasion Labs, remembers the past and announces the following videos, including a review of his own game The Mercury Man. This is the first video clip in two years on the official channel.

In January 2017, Maddison began to pursue the people of Chechnya because of the joke about the Koran, which was at his booth in 2012. Videobloger stopped shooting videos and left Russia. The prosecutor’s office handed over materials to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation to initiate criminal proceedings under part 1 of Article 282 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation and prepared an application to the court to recognize the video as extremist. After that, no investigation was reported about Davydov or any other investigative actions.

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