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In “VKontakte” there was a system of money transfers between users

Since September 20, money transfers can be attached to messages in the social network “VKontakte”.  was informed about this by the press service of the social network.

Send transfer is possible with Mastercard, Maestro and Visa cards, issued in Russia. And receive – on cards issued in Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Germany, Georgia, Israel, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Romania, Uzbekistan, France, Czech Republic and Estonia. At the same time, you do not need to know the card number of the payee: he will choose where to withdraw the funds.

When transferring from Mastercard, the commission is not charged until the end of the year, and in the case of Visa it is 1%. The minimum amount of transfer is 100 rubles, and the maximum amount is 75 thousand rubles. The minimum commission for Visa is 40 rubles.

MasterCard users are promised to give stickers for messages by the end of the year.

The term of transfer of funds to the beneficiary’s card depends on the bank that issued the card, and ranges from several minutes to several days. The recipient can accept the transfer within five days from the date of dispatch. If this did not happen, or the recipient rejected the transfer, then the money is returned to the sender’s card. The sender can cancel the transfer until it is accepted by the recipient.

from a press release

The new feature already works in the desktop and mobile versions of VKontakte, as well as Android and Windows Phone. On iOS, it is promised to be added later along with the application update. While the owners of iPhones can receive translations, but do not send them.

According to the spokesperson for VKontakte, there is no commission to withdraw money, since most banks do not charge an enrollment operation. Thus, for holders of Mastercard and Maestro cards, the transfer operation by the end of the year is completely free. Tariffs for transfers from Mastercard and Maestro after the end of the promotion will be announced later.

“VKontakte” strives to provide users with convenient service on the best terms. We do not have any goals to earn on this service. Therefore, we set a minimum commission for sending transfers from Visa cards, and the commission to send transfers from Mastercard and Maestro cards was canceled within the framework of a joint action.

Yevgeny Krasnikov, Press Secretary of VKontakte

“VKontakte” notes that the commission for Visa owners “consists of several components and is distributed along the chain from the sender’s payment system to the recipient’s payment system,” but the social network itself does not receive a share in it.

Transfers are made in Russian rubles. If the card is linked to the account in a different currency, then the conversion is carried out at the bank rate.

For the technical side of the translation system, the bank VTB24, the company “MultiCard” and the processing of Mail.Ru Group are responsible.

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