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In China, the pool has made a separate track for women who slowly swim and face men

In social networks, the administration of the institution was accused of sexism.

Pointer for a separate female track. CGTN photo
Pointer for a separate female track. CGTN photo

The administration of one of the pools in Guangzhou , China, has allocated aseparate swimming track specifically for women. The administration explained that the innovation should help slow-floating women not to face men and feel more comfortable in the water.

The idea was based on the Chinese subway cars, created only for women. Their goal was to reduce the level of harassment.

Men in the pool often push women who swim slower than they. Because of this, many [women] doubt whether they should swim when there are a lot of people in the pool. Therefore, we took as a basis the idea of ​​women’s cars in the metro and solved the problem in a similar way.

pool manager

Near the path is a special pink pointer. The number of women’s tracks will be increased depending on the number of women in the pool, the institution said.

Probably, if the pool is not full, women and men will be free to use any paths. When there are too many people in the pool, rescuers will ask men to go to other free paths. The administration did not specify whether women who swim well and do not face men will be able to use ordinary paths.

The visitors of the basin basically accepted the innovation positively. However, as noted by CGTN, in the Chinese social network Weibo, a separate path was considered restricting women and discriminating against them. At the same time, other commentators added that the intention to make public spaces safer for women “deserves recognition.”

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