In Canada, for the first time, a fine was issued for using Apple Watch while driving

The court ruled that diverting to “smart” hours is like using a smartphone.

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In the Canadian city of Guelph, the court fined $ 400 student Victoria Ambrose (Victoria Ambrose), who was distracted by Apple Watch while driving and missed the green traffic signal.

Ambrose waited for a permissive signal, but when it caught fire, the girl remained in place. The policeman drew her attention to the traffic light, then stopped and wrote a fine for inattention while driving.

In court, the girl claimed that she was looking at her watch to check the time. To do this, she allegedly had to double-tap the screen to activate and deactivate it. The policeman said that Ambrose looked at her watch at least four times. He drew attention to her car, noticing the “gleams of the electronic device.”

Judge Lloyd Phillips has ruled that the gadget is “no less dangerous than a phone attached to the wrist.” He acknowledged Ambrose guilty of using a “mobile device while driving”, which is prohibited by the laws of Ontario. The student is sure that this article does not fit her case, since the clock is not a mobile device, but “fixed” and authorized by law.

Despite the fact that Apple Watch is less than a regular phone, they are a communication device that can receive and transmit electronic data. While the watch is on the wrist of the accused, it’s the same device that distracts no less than the phone.

Lloyd Phillips

As noted by Gizmodo, Apple Watch has a mode in which the clock automatically shows the time when the wrist moves. It can be disabled in the settings. In March 2017, Apple began developing a driving mode for Apple Watch. The idea is that the watch will understand when the person is behind the wheel, and turn off the notifications. The user will receive only calls from selected contacts.

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