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Dmitry Kiselev on the smile of Kim Jong-no in the photo with Lavrov


On the air of “Russia 1” the leader of the DPRK showed joyous, although he did not smile at the original picture.

Leader of the “News of the Week” Dmitry Kiselyov denies that the editors drew a smile on Kim Jong-no in a photo with Sergei Lavrov. He announced this to the radio station “Says Moscow”.

No, that’s it. Always photographed with a high rate of fire lenses. Here also different mimic phases are obtained.

Dmitry Kiselyov
Leader of the Week of the Week

The meeting between the head of the Russian Foreign Ministry and the leader of the DPRK was held on May 31. June 3, in the “News of the Week” Kim Jong Ne was shown smiling, although in official photos from the event he had a serious face.

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