Apple introduced watchOS 5 for smart watches

Apple introduced the watch OS 5 version of the smart watch OS at the WWDC 2018 developer conference. Before telling about the new features, Tim Cook reported that the device was growing in popularity last year and recalled how the Apple Watch had a positive effect on life and even saved people.

First of all, we are talking about the orientation of Apple Watch to those who are interested in sports, fitness and similar activities.

Over time, Apple’s smart watches have become simpler, but for the better, the device has become a more efficient tool from a platform with a lot of not-so-needed applications. The updated OS received more social functions that allow it to participate in various “competitions” with other Apple Watch owners – it’s about 7-day periods, during which users can prove who is the “king of the hill” in sports. The new OS is automatically able to determine when the owner starts classes, and offers to keep statistics.

WatchOS 5 also implements an analogue Walkie-Talkie – with this feature you can exchange short voice messages both via cellular communication and via Wi-Fi.

As in iOS 12, watchOS 5 introduced a “silence” mode, which limits the flow of notifications. In addition, support for third-party applications. Apple has abandoned the Hey Siri team to call a voice assistant, which is now activated by a simple show of hands.

With the help of Apple Watch, you can browse some websites, and the pages will be optimized for a small display. There are additional dials for Apple Watch and support for Siri shortcuts.

The new watchOS 5 will be available later this year.

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