Why the presentation of Apple at WWDC 2018 will be one of the most boring in the history of the company

Apparently, the company did not plan any really loud announcement.

Apple Image
Apple Image

June 4 in San Jose will begin the annual conference of Apple for developers WWDC 2018. The main event is the introductory presentation, which usually shows updates to the operating systems iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS. In recent years, Apple has not only limited the software and introduced new devices: in 2017, presented a “smart” column HomePod , as well as the updated iPad Pro and new iMac Pro .

However, WWDC 2018 has every chance to become one of the most boring conferences in the history of Apple. Usually before the event there are a lot of rumors from different sources about some loud announcements or updates of systems, but this time everything is suspiciously quiet.

Even Western publications, traditionally gathering rumors before the conference, noted that there were no big leaks: journalists basically had to write about minor changes in iOS and macOS. This could mean two things: either for the first time in its recent history, Apple has learned to deal with leaks, or, more likely, the company has little to say.

editor studied everything that is known about WWDC 2018, and found out why this time Apple should not expect anything special.

Minor updates of iOS, macOS and other systems

Photos of Apple
Photos of Apple
Usually the main event at Apple’s presentation was iOS updates. But in 2018, the media long before WWDC reported that iOS 12 will be aimed at correcting theproblems of the 11th version and will do without new features. Serious changes, apparently, reserved for 2019.

There is a possibility that Apple will add some new features to the version of the system for the iPhone X, as for the flagship this will be the first serious update of iOS. Also, minor additions to ARKit and other functions are expected. For example, there will be ” Digital Health “, which will monitor the use of iPhone and remind you to relax from the screen of the device.

According to The Information, in iOS 12 Apple can open access to NFC-chips in iPhones for third-party developers. Other long-awaited features may appear, such as improved notifications or multiplayer mode on the iPad, but there is little chance of this: they are new features that could be saved.

About the new version of macOS 10.14 is almost nothing, even its name . The Bloomberg expert suggested that Apple would implement integration between macOS and iOS applications, but Tim Cook, the head of the company, in April 2018said that users do not need it. According to one of the latest leaks, the macOS will have a “dark theme” and integration with Apple News. Earlier the service worked only on aypadah and iphone.

It is also not necessary to wait for the revelations to update the smart watchOS system: according to the leaks, it will have a new dial with the symbol of the LGBT community in the form of a rainbow flag and the integration of Spotify together with the special development environment of StreamKit.

Apple has not paid much attention to tvOS for several years already – the operating system for the Apple TV console: in 2018, there are no prerequisites for changes. All that is known about the new version of the system is possible integration with Dolby Atmos equipment, but even it is hardly worth waiting for before 2019.

Device Updates

Among the main expectations of the media and experts is a minor upgrade of theMacBook Pro with a new generation processor and increased RAM. Also Apple can make changes in the design of the keyboard-butterfly, the fragility of which has long been complained by users.

How the butterfly mechanism works in MacBook Pro keyboards

According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo (Ming-Chi Kuo), the company will introduce a new device in the line of MacBook Air, which for several years was ignored in presentations. It’s about a relatively cheap 13-inch laptop with Retina-screen .

According to analysts Rosenblatt Securities, in June 2018, Apple will update the iPad Pro, adding there the system Face ID and the corresponding sensors.

Many fans of Apple are waiting for the company to present WW2 iPhone SE 2, but this is unlikely to come true: smartphones have not been announced in the summer since the release of the iPhone 4 in 2011. Work on the new version of the device has not yet been reported, but even if this is the case, it is likely that only the processor and other internal components will update. It is unlikely that the company will decide on the redesign of a cheap device and the introduction of some kind of flagship characteristics (the original iPhone 5S came out in 2013).

Apple can turn the trick of last year and introduce another new device for music – its own overhead headphones, information about which appeared in the media in February 2018.

The Mac Mini has not been updated for four years, but it can change on WWDC. Although so far nothing is known about the device: the network did not get any details about the prices, nor about the characteristics, nor about the design.

In recent years, because of the large number of major announcements, WWDC has attracted the attention of many Apple fans, but the conference is primarily designed for developers.

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