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The authorities of Quebec first banned the extraction of crypto currency, and then agreed with the miners


It turned out that mining has a positive effect on the economy of the region.

The government of the Canadian province of Quebec allowed the use of electricity for the production of crypto currency. The authorities agreed with local miners about the conditions of work in the region. This was reported by the publication Le Journal de Montreal.

The Quebec authorities made concessions, but with a little caveat, that during peak loads, the mining equipment will be forcibly disconnected from the network. According to the officials, from 100 to 300 hours a year the miners will be disconnected from the network.

The government of the region decided to approve the mining for several reasons. It turned out that it is good for the economy: if a new data center is opened, then jobs appear not only for maintenance personnel, but also for those who will build it. In addition, thanks to this step, Quebec positions itself as the epicenter of the new industry at the very beginning of its development.

Quebec has attracted the attention of miners from around the world because of cheap electricity: the province is second in Canada in this indicator. Due to 63 hydroelectric power plants, the region produces more electricity than it needs. Since the region uses only renewable energy sources, miners will not harm nature with their actions.

Mining in Quebec was banned after the local energy company reported that the production of crypto-currency loads the network by 25%. Because of this, applications for connecting electricity from new miners ceased to be considered.

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