Apple showed a new iPad Pro with a focus on multitasking, document recognition and signing


Apple introduced a new version of the professional tablet iPad Pro. The device received an updated 10.5-inch screen with a dynamic update rate, which can reach 120 gigahertz. The tablet was presented during the annual conference for developers WWDC 2017.

The new six-core processor of the device allowed to improve the graphics performance of the tablet: 40% compared to the previous generation of the iPad Pro and 500 times compared to the first iPad.

Frames around the screen of the new tablet have become 40% smaller. Due to this, the developers of the device could not only increase the screen to 10.5 inches, but also accommodate a full-size virtual keyboard. The physical keyboards connected to the tablet will now also become full-sized.

The new iPad Pro improved work with the “smart pencil” Apple Pencil. Users can not only leave handwritten comments and notes on the screenshots, but also scan documents using the tablet’s camera and sign them directly on the device using Apple Pencil.

Most of the new features of the iPad Pro are associated with the update of iOS 11, which includes multitasking with the ability to drag objects between applications, as well as the Files utility, which combines all the cloud storage in one application.

Prices for the new iPad Pro start from 649 US dollars. The maximum configuration of the updated tablet in the 13-inch version will be 1099 US dollars.

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