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The Sun: Benedict Cumberbatch stood up for a bicyclist, who was attacked by four people

The conflict occurred on Baker Street, home to the character of Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes.

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Holiday pictures AP

British actor Benedict Cumberbatch stood up for a bicyclist, to which four people tried to attack. Conflict occurred in London at the corner of Baker Street, where the character of Conan Doyle Sherlock Holmes, who played the actor, lives.

Taxi driver Manuel Diaz told The Sun that Cumberbatch saw a fight from the car window when he was traveling with his wife. The attackers surrounded the bicyclist and hit him on the head with a bottle, which caused the man to bleed.

The actor jumped out of the car and ran up to them with a cry: “Leave him alone”, then took the cyclist to the side. The driver said that after this the attackers tried to hit Cumberbatch, but he decided to intervene in the situation and ran out of the taxi.

And only then did I recognize Benedict. This all seemed unrealistic. Sherlock Holmes fought with four attackers at the corner of Baker Street. […]

He looked as if he knew exactly what he had to do. He was very brave. Honestly, he did almost everything [in that situation].

Manuel Diaz

Probably, the attackers recognized the actor and fled. Cumberbatch himself was not injured. London police confirmed The Sun that they were approached by a bicyclist with a complaint about the attack of four people. They have not been detained yet.

The actor said that in his actions there was nothing heroic. He explained that he had to do this.

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