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In Telegram after the update of iOS 11.4 stickers ceased to work. Developers can not fix this because of Apple

The company does not allow the application to be updated around the world.

The founder of the messenger Telegram Pavel Durov confirmed that iOS-applications of the service had a problem with stickers. Previously, many users of the application, which had been updated to version 11.4, complained of failures.

According to Durov, the Telegram team already dealt with the problem of displaying stickers a few weeks ago. He added that Apple is still blocking the messenger application updates. Because of this, its developers can not cope not only with the display of stickers, but also with the update of security for the new European standards.

The termination of Telegram updates on Apple devices, operating in all regional versions of the App Store, coincided in time with the blocking of the messenger in Russia. At the same time Roskomnadzor first request to remove Telegram from the App Store, which was later supplemented with a blocking of push-notifications of the service.

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