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Apple allowed Telegram to update the application for the first time since mid-April

Durov thanked Cook for the opportunity to release a new version.

In the App Store , the first update of Telegram (4.8.2) appeared in mid-April. As they say in the description, the new version eliminates the contradictions with the law of the European Union on personal data, which earned May 25.

Representatives of Telegram said that the new version of the application eliminated the problems in the work of stickers. Since May 31, many users of the application, updated to iOS 11.4, complained about the problems with them.

In the updated application Telegram, it became possible to connect to proxy servers using the MTProto protocol . As noted  the list of changes does not mention this.

Also Pavel Durov thanked Apple and personally the head of the company Tim Cook for permission to update the application

According to Telegram, the alternative application Telegram X should also return to the AppStore.

According to Durov, in mid-April, Apple banned Telegram from updating the application. The exact cause was unknown. The developers of the service could not update the safety standards for the new European laws, as well as cope with the display of stickers.

On May 28, Roskomnadzor, which began blocking Telegram, demanded that Apple and Google remove the messenger from the application stores. So far, the service remains in the stores of both companies.

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