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“VKontakte” launched the algorithm “Nemesis” to combat theft of content

Users can complain about stolen records, and communities-violators threaten to refuse monetization.

Illustration “VKontakte”

“VKontakte” launched the algorithm “Nemesis”, aimed at protecting unique content in communities. According to the idea, artificial intelligence will automatically search for stolen records, but any user of the social network will be able to complain about “non-unique content”.

In the form of a complaint, a new item has appeared, with the help of which it is possible to inform the moderators about the stolen materials. To the appeal it is necessary to attach a link to the original entry in “VKontakte”. The moderators do not yet take into account the theft outside the social network, because “they can reliably track only the primacy within the ecosystem”.


As explained by representatives of “VKontakte”, the first warning will begin to make on June 15. Community owners will learn about warnings and penalties from private messages. The community has 24 hours to challenge the warning. For example, VKontakte does not include a complaint if the administrator has previously received the author’s approval or has already acquired the rights to the content. Otherwise, the moderators can apply various penalties until the community is disconnected from monetization.

In “VKontakte” clarified that the warnings will be issued after the recognition of the complaint is legitimate. In the social network did not specify how many they will need to dial before they impose a penalty, but promised to talk about this after the first stage of the algorithm. If the accused author removes the publication, but the algorithm or users have managed to leave a complaint against him, the punishment will not be removed.

About profiles and communities that systematically violate intellectual rights, you can also report through a special form . If the complaint is confirmed, the stolen content will be deleted.

“Nemesis” was announced on May 17 at VK Media Day.

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