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The princess of Saudi Arabia appeared in Vogue behind the wheel. The country is preparing to abolish the ban on driving for women

The publication was still criticized for ignoring the arrests of women’s rights activists.

Haifa Bint Abdullah Al Saud. Photos of Vogue
Haifa Bint Abdullah Al Saud. Photos of Vogue

On the cover of the June issue of Vogue magazine for Saudi Arabia , Princess Hayfa bint Abdullah al-Saud, Princess Hayfa bint Abdullah al-Saud, appeared posing behind the wheel of the car. Thus, the publication welcomed the lifting of the ban on driving for local women.

On the photo Haifa bint Abdullah Al Saud poses behind the wheel of a red convertible, on the cover is written “Driving Force”. The princess told Vogue that there are “many conservatives” in Saudi Arabia, but she still supports the changes. The editorial board added that “it celebrates the abolition of the ban” along with Saudi women.

Despite the support of women from Vogue, many criticized the magazine for the cover of the June issue. As noted by The Guardian, users of social networks did not like that the magazine did not mention the arrest of political activists, advocating the lifting of the ban on driving. Some even replaced the face of the princess with the faces of detained activists.

In September 2017, the King of Saudi Arabia signed a decree authorizing women to drive a car. However, to obtain rights, women will still need to ask permission from men. Shortly before the ban was lifted , several activists who were fighting for women’s rights were arrested in Saudi Arabia .

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