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Sergei Bezrukov had a rock band that released the first single


The actor said that he always wanted to be a musician.

Photo by Alexey Danichev, Sputnik
Photo by Alexey Danichev, Sputnik
Russian actor Sergei Bezrukov said that he had a rock band “The Godfather”. On June 1, the collective released the first single “Not About Us”.

According to the actor, he wanted to become a musician from childhood. His group sings songs “about the most important – about the joy of living, about love.”

Recently I remembered how in the school at the graduation party we did a concert “Meeting classmates 30 years later”, in which we, supposedly already grown up, shared with each other who became who. Someone became a doctor, a driver, an artist, a military man and so on. And I, oddly enough, imagined myself as a rock musician who returned from a world tour, sang his song, accompanying himself on the guitar.

This was before entering the Moscow Art Theater School-Studio. And now, less than 30 years have passed since childhood fantasies began to be embodied.

Sergey Bezrukov

The Bezrukov song is available in iTunes and Google Play . You can listen to it in VKontakte only if you have a subscription.

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