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“I fought with people, but I had to fight for them”: a former UFC fighter won drug addiction, freeing slaves in the Congo

Once on the verge of suicide, he realized that he wanted to do something really meaningful and change the world for the better.

Justin Wren began to participate professionally in battles at the age of 18, was a participant in the reality show TUF 10 and for more than five years fought with addiction to drugs and depression. In 23 years he tried to commit suicide.

During this period of his life, he decided that he must do something really important. At the same time, Ren learned that the Pygmy tribe in the Congo was in fact slavery to another tribe of their countrymen, suffering from hard work and hunger. Their suffering impressed the former fighter so much that he went to Africa with members of the Christian mission.

I fought with people, but in fact, I just had to fight for them.

Justin Ren
ex-fighter UFC

Ren resorted to the aid of the charitable organization Water4 and became a co-founder of the Fight for the Forgotten foundation, which resolved the conflict between the tribes without an open clash. His organization employs local labor to drill wells, over which columns are mounted.

For eight years, Ren spent part of the proceeds to buy land for pygmies and dig wells on it. These measures have allowed not only to simplify the life of the local population, but also saved Pygmy children from diseases transmitted through water in open sources.

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