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The Russian GQ launched a vote for the “Man of the Year-2018” award. There are no women candidates


From the nominations on the site, the traditional “Woman of the Year” disappeared.

Figurine of the award "Person of the Year". GQ photo
Figurine of the award “Person of the Year”. GQ photo

The Russian version of GQ launched a vote for candidates for the annual “Person of the Year” award. This edition awards those who “did something particularly outstanding, was better than others, can go down in history”.

Among more than 50 candidates for the title of honor was not a single woman. Moreover, the traditional nomination “The Woman of the Year” disappeared from the published edition of the list, which was presented last year in the vote (then it was given to actress Iana Troyanova, and in the previous two years – actress Irina Gorbacheva and singer Polina Gagarina).

In 2018, GQ added two new nominations – “Politician of the Year” and “Face off the screen.” Most of the candidates from the second nomination were offered toaward this title for success in conducting videoblogs on YouTube, and the only exception was TV host Andrey Malakhov.


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