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The Bundestag approved the ban on wearing a burqa and niqab

The lower chamber of the German parliament passed a bill according to which the country is partially forbidden to wear women’s Muslim clothing, which completely covers the face. Now the document will be sent to the upper house. This is reported by Reuters. 

The bill provides for the banning of burqa and niqab, leaving only a narrow eye slit for public servants, judges and soldiers who are at work. In their spare time they will be allowed to wear Muslim clothes.

Integration also means that we must spread our values, and also explain where the boundaries of tolerance lie with other cultures. The draft law makes an important contribution to this.

Thomas de Mezier, Minister of the Interior of Germany

Wearing closed Muslim clothing is prohibited in France, Belgium, Bulgaria, in certain regions of Switzerland and Spain. Prohibitions are considered in Austria and Norway.

In December 2016, German Chancellor Angela Merkel first spoke in favor of a ban on wearing these clothes. Reuters linked its position to the upcoming elections in the country and almost complete loss of support by the authorities in terms of the issue of migrants.

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