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Millions of Russian passports turned out to be invalid because of a mistake by the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The Office officially recognized the problem for the first time.

Passports of Russians can be listed as invalid in a single database “Russian passport” due to an error in the merger of disparate bases in 2006. Citizens with such documents receive refusals in banking services and can not register on the “State Services”. This was told to Kommersant in the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

The publication noted that it is at least about 1.5 million passports, but there may be more. “Kommersant” cited the example of the situation of the native Muscovite Natalia Ivanova, who applied to the bank in April 2018, but was denied due to an invalid passport. The woman was given a document in 2004 and before she did not face problems.

Ivanova was advised to apply to the MIA for migration management, but she decided not to wait for the police response and to check her passport in the service “Checking for a list of invalid Russian passports.” It turned out that the woman’s document was considered invalid.

Through the service you can check any passport or download a list of lost documents. In addition, the site allows you to report an error. The total number of “adjusted” information is about 1.5 million and is constantly growing. As noted by Kommersant, in just one day it increased by a thousand corrections. The publication concluded that at least 1.5 million passports were mistakenly declared invalid.

In the past few years on the Internet, there are many complaints about invalid passports, “Kommersant” discovered. Some users suddenly receive SMS messages from the bank about the need to provide a “valid” document, and some can not purchase real estate.

Despite the fact that the service on the website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs is not “legally significant”, it seems that many organizations are guided by it. For example, Renaissance Credit Bank noted that this requirement of the Bank of Russia 499-b “On Identification” and credit institutions is obliged to follow it.

The department recognized the problem with the erroneous status of documents. Representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs told Kommersant that until 2006 information about the issued passports was in different databases. The main base was managed by the Federal Migration Service, which was disbanded in 2016.

In 2006, in order to create and implement a unified information automated system “Russian Passport”, a combination of previously disparate databases of passports was made. Due to the lack at that time of a proper technical capability when downloading information from different accounts, the status of some passports changed from “valid” to “invalid”

Press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

The Ministry of Internal Affairs did not specify the scope of the problem, but its decision was assigned to the citizens themselves. In the press center of the department advised to use the passport verification service and to correct the status to apply to the territorial bodies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Also in the police, citizens can get a certificate of validity of the passport. The department added that problems with registration on the “State Services” can be solved only after making corrections to the system.

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