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NBC: Kim Jong-un intends to open a burger “as a sign of location” to the West


But he is not going to abandon the nuclear program.

US intelligence has found that Kim Jong-un does not intend to abandon nuclear tests in the near future, but is considering the option of opening burger restaurants in Pyongyang “as a sign of location” to the West. About this NBC News told three US officials who are familiar with the report of the CIA.

Thus, Kim Jong-un wants to show a peaceful gesture to the American president, known for his love for fast food. The publication reminded that during the election campaign in 2016, Donald Trump said that he wanted to discuss nuclear weapons with Yn “behind the burgers.”

If he comes, I will accept him, but I will not give a formal dinner, as we do with China and other countries that deceive us after official receptions. […]

We should eat hamburgers at the negotiating table and conclude better contracts with China and other countries, and forget about official dinners.

Donald Trump
President of the United States (quotation from 2016)

The CIA report does not specify which brand of fast food Kim Jong-un intends to invite to the DPRK. However, it notes that the company must provide food for the time of negotiations, in order to show that the North Korean leader is open to the West. The CIA and the White House declined to comment on the report.

On May 24, Donald Trump canceled the meeting with Kim Jong-no, which was to be held in Singapore on June 12. The reason was the “hostility” of the DPRK leader. The main theme of the meeting was to eliminate the nuclear potential of North Korea.

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