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80-kilogram sealer was put on a diet

In the world, there was one less happy seal. The inhabitant of the British shelter for seals named Jinks, who reached a weight of 83 kilograms, was put on a diet. It is reported that this is 20 kilograms above the norm.

Seal of Jinks
Seal of Jinks

Sealings with a disappointing fate were saved and taken to the orphanage in 2017. During the inspection veterinarians ascertained problems with the stomach, after which the shelter decided to leave it in the enclosure with other seals, where it was provided with a large amount of food.

At the moment, the diet of Jinks has been reduced to an acceptable minimum. Seal is also attracted to physical activity. All this began to lead to the fact that Jinks again began to come into shape.

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