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“Yandex” officially presented its “smart” column – “Yandeks.Stantsiyu”

In addition to the voice assistant “Alice”, it has an HDMI port and can be connected to the TV.

A frame from the broadcast of YaC 2018
A frame from the broadcast of YaC 2018

The head of development of Yandex.Station Konstantin Kruglov at the event in Moscow told how the column is arranged. It has several built-in speakers (two buffers from different directions and the speaker produces a directional sound, without midrange frequencies) with a total power of 50 watts that play music through Yandex.Music.

Externally, the “Station” is not similar to the other columns: it is larger, has a more angular shape and more like a “workstation”, a personal computer. On top of it is a control panel in the form of a spinning wheel – they can adjust the volume – and on the wheel there are buttons for turning off microphones and manual activation of “Alice”.

According to the company representatives, the button for turning off microphones does not just deactivate them programmatically, but turns off the power supplied to them – a function for paranoiacs. Activate “Alice” and you can use the voice, just by calling her by name.

“Station” has an external HDMI port that can be connected to a TV to play movies or series on it, launching them and controlling them through voice control. So far, ivi and Amediathek are available from the services. According to Kruglov, “Station” – the only device of this kind, equipped with HDMI-output.

“Station” will cost 9,990 rubles, along with subscriptions to “Amediateku”, ivi, “Yandex.Muzyku” and “Film Search”. Sales will begin in the summer of 2018, until the exact date. Pre-order columns can be made on the official website.

The first time that Yandex is developing a “smart” column, it became known in April 2017. Similar devices are in most other large companies – Google, Apple and Amazon.

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