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The migrant who saved the child from the balcony entered the fire brigade in Paris

He will receive a scholarship for an internship within 10 months.

AFP photo
AFP photo

The emigrant from Mali Mamoudou Gassama, who saved the child who was hanging from the balcony on May 28, officially acquired the status of a migrant and entered a 10-month internship in a fire brigade.

During the internship, Gassam will receive a scholarship of about 600 euros per month (about 43 thousand rubles). Within the next three months, Gassam will receive French citizenship, the authorities promised.

Gassam had no documents and he had to live in the center for migrants in the suburbs of Paris Montreuil with six other migrants. In addition, he could not find a job. Chapter Montreuil promised to move him.

On May 28, Gassam noticed that a four-year-old child hung on the balcony of one of the buildings and could at any moment break. For a few seconds he climbed out of the house without any insurance and intercepted the boy from the hands of the man who held him. In the media and social networks Malian nicknamed “Spider-Man” for the ability to climb so quickly on the walls.

French President Emmanuel Macron invited a brave young man to visit the Champs Elysee to thank him on behalf of all the French. This criticized the French charities, saying that thousands of other migrants live in France in poor conditions, without receiving any help from the state.

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