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The creators of Vinci launched the service CheckYou – a hybrid of Instagram and Snapcha for stories from “real life”

On money from the sale of his photo application Mail.Ru Group.

Authors of the photo processing service Vinci released the CheckYou application for “stories” with comments, chats and filters. It is still in the public testing stage and is only available for iOS , we reported to its developers. Web versions of CheckYou not, and the Android application is under construction.

CheckYou made money from the sale of Vinci to representatives of VKontakte, which belongs to Mail.Ru Group, said co-founder Vinci and CheckYou Dmitry Trachuk. The exact amount of the transaction was not disclosed. In the creation of a new service, the winners of Telegram competitions and the developer of Dvača also took part. CheckYou partially works on the cloud power of Mail.Ru.

CheckYou reminds Instagram or Snapchat is an application for photos and video (not more than a minute), which are automatically deleted 24 hours after the publication. Designer CheckYou, in detail described the process of creating icons, did not hide that the team was guided by these services.

Authors of CheckYou are sure that the photo applications “seamlessly merged with instant messengers with social network functions”, because of what finally lost the competition to Telegram and WhatsApp in the coverage of the market. The main feature of CheckYou its creators called the opportunity to share “stories from this life.” Representatives of the service communicate with users in an informal style: for example, they are called “chekists.”

There was a need for an application that would combine the exclusive content of varying degrees of immorality, setting trends and developing at a fever rate in African countries.

Most users pretty much palled that every photo editor or content source is all the same Instagram + filters with caps.

author of Telegram-channel UX Live, designer CheckYou

How it works

To register with CheckYou, you need to provide a phone number, while logging in through other services is not possible. Before you publish a photo or video, you can apply one of seven free filters, as well as add text, a hyphus or a dynamic sticker.

In CheckYou, you can comment on “stories” of friends, but, unlike Instagram, you can not mention the user’s (@username) and, thus, make replays. Private and public chats are available, but in public there are additional restrictions – it is allowed to share only messages and stickers.

Private and public chat

Published in CheckYou photos and videos can not be shared in other social networks, only to save them in the device’s memory. In the settings, you can hide “unwanted authors” and restrict commenting on your “stories”. The user has the right to complain to administrators about any other user, but he can not specify for what reason: according to the creators, the function is made on demand by the App Store, but in fact they do not intend to check the messages.

The developers told about plans to launch in the application section where you can see in real time where friends are and what they do. From “shadowing” can hardly be abandoned, because the application does not work without access to geolocation.

Section CheckYou, which is still in development

After the start of public testing of CheckYou, Ukrainian users complained about the malfunction in its work. The reason was that Ukrainian providers began to block the infrastructure of virtual infrastructure servers Infra Mail.Ru, confirmed representatives of the service, saying that they are already eliminating failures.

According to Trachuk, the testing phase will approximately last another month. After that, CheckYou plans to officially launch and start advertising, including in VKontakte.

The creators of the application do not disclose plans for the coming year. When asked about the budget, Trachuk replied that the team “spends less per year than the salary of one average Snap employee”. He said that it was less than 200 thousand dollars.

The previous project of the team – Vinci – was launched “VKontakte” in July 2016 for processing photos with the help of neural networks by analogy with Prisma. The latest version of the application appeared in May 2017: it was not updated anymore, and in July, the service’s creators ceased to keep pages in social networks.

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