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Russian video bloggers submitted, as if Western bloggers were working for the Kremlin

Users complained that the video is not displayed in subscriptions and in the “In trend” tab.

Videoblogers Ruslan Usachev, Mikhail Krzysztowski, Ilya Shabelnikov (Satyr) and Yegor Loskutov starred in the continuation of the short film “In Russian” – in the first part was a parody of “In All Grave”.

They parodied the popular Western bloggers – Casey Neistat, PewDiePie, h3h3 and Logan Paul – presenting that they work for the Kremlin. According to the plot, Usachev removes the travel blog about Nizhny Novgorod, Krzysztowski tells about Americans in the style of PewDiePie, Satyr depicts Logan Paul in the military enlistment office, and “Egor” – ridiculed the “wig” of Pavel Durov.

Community subscribers ” Selfi ” and ” Life Youtube ” noticed that the video is not displayed in their subscriptions and does not appear in the “In trend” tab.

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