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London was the first in the world to launch the urban contactless payment system for street musicians


The artists who tried the system were satisfied: their income increased significantly.

Terminal for donations to street artists. IZettle Photos
Terminal for donations to street artists. IZettle Photos

In London, launched a system that allows paying street musicians in a non-contact way. Artists can choose how much money they want to receive through special terminals.

The project was launched by the City Hall of London in partnership with Busk In London (it represents street musicians – “baskers”) and the Swedish fiinte company iZettle. The system will be launched in all 32 districts of the city, but before that it was tested by several artists.

Street entertainer Charlotte Campbell (Charlotte Campbell) was one of the participants of testing and positively responded about the system. According to her, contactless payments “had a significant impact on donations.” The girl noted that she was paid more money than before, and if one person approached, then other people followed him.

IZettle Photos
IZettle Photos
To receive payments, small terminals are used that connect to a smartphone or tablet and allow receiving fixed payments (a musician can set a specific amount). Passersby can pay with bank cards with PayWave or PayPass, smartphones and even smart watches. It is not known yet how many terminals will be provided to street musicians and whether they will have to pay for them.

Some street performers have previously found ways to get contactless payments. For example, in China for this use QR-codes, crawling which can immediately make a donation through local payment systems. However, London became the first city where such a system was launched with the submission of city authorities.

As noted in the BBC, in the center of London there are a lot of “bashkers”, but many passers-by do not have small things in their pockets, but they do not want to pay large bills. Contactless payment can solve this problem.

Playing on the street helps artists to hone their talent and gives a chance to show themselves before a huge number of people. I’m glad that iZettle chose London to launch this innovative scheme that will allow artists to receive donations through card payments the same way as cash. Now even more Londoners will support the brilliant and talented street musicians of the capital.

Sadiq Khan
Mayor of London

Many experts are concerned that cash is lost from the streets of the city, since this is the last chance for the homeless. Such people usually do not have a bank account or phone and they can only rely on cash.

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