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In Primorye, the teacher forced the second-grader to brush their teeth in front of the whole class because of the “unpleasant smell”


Parents suggested that this is due to the refusal to donate money to the blinds.

The teacher of the school № 35 in the village of Uglovoye in Primorye Lydia Yergina forced the second grader to brush their teeth before the whole class, NewsBox24 reported . The boy’s parents told that Ergin had publicly stated before that week that the child badly smells of the mouth.

In this case, as Newsbox.24 writes, the mother of another schoolboy gave the teacher and toothpaste to the teacher, and “Ergin thanked her for that in the WhatsApp class group”, which consists of all the parents.

Parents told about the incident to the headmaster of the school and asked him to transfer the boy to another class. The head of the educational institution reported that the official investigation confirmed the “facts”. The teacher apologized to the boy’s mother and explained that “it was a game.”

The mother of the second grader is sure that the incident is due to the fact that she refused to take money to buy blinds in the class.

The principal of the school, Elena Malkova, told RIA Novosti that the teacher wrote an explanation, but she indicated the “far-fetched” reason that the child was brushing his teeth. Malkova promised that the results of the internal audit would be “taken measures” without specifying the details.

The NewsBox24 publication says that the teacher will not be dismissed, because “the turn of teachers is not worth to the school”. Some parents asked the leadership not to fire the teacher.

Parents of the pupil, who was forced to brush their teeth, applied to the prosecutor’s office, the RIA “Vostok-Media” reports . The Office began to check. Pre-investigation inspection was also initiated by the Investigative Committee of Primorsky Krai, senior assistant to the head of the UK for the region Aurora Rimskaya told Interfax. The regional education department was informed of the situation.

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