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In Kiev, killed the Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko

Attempted to do it in his own apartment.

Arkady Babchenko. Photo by Stanislav Yurchenko, Radio Liberty
Arkady Babchenko. Photo by Stanislav Yurchenko, Radio Liberty

On the Russian journalist Arkady Babchenko, who worked in Ukraine, committed an attempt. The fact that in Babchenko shot in his apartment on Nikolsko Slobodskoi street in Kiev, said his colleague Eider Mudzhabaev.

According to the newspaper Obozrevatel, the journalist died on the way to the hospital. Information about the death of Babchenko was confirmed byVerkhovna Rada deputy Anton Gerashchenko, the official representative of thepolice of Kiev Oksana Blischik and the official representative of the police of Ukraine Yaroslav Trakalo.

My wife was in the bathroom. She heard the claps, went out and saw her husband in blood. I called an ambulance, he was taken away, he died in an ambulance. On-site investigative-operational group is working, the management is clarifying the circumstances.

Yaroslav Trakalo
the speaker of the police of Ukraine

Last updated at 22:37 : The Investigative Committee of Russia started acriminal case “about the murder of Russian citizen Arkady Babchenko in Kiev”.

At different times, Arkady Babchenko was a military correspondent for the Moscow Komsomolets and Novaya Gazeta, collaborated with Channel One and NTV. In 2008 he covered the war in South Ossetia.

Scandalous popularity Babchenko brought his radical opposition to the Russian authorities. In March 2012, a criminal case was opened against him about calls for mass riots after he published on his Facebook page calls to fight off the police, build tent camps and organize sabotage.

In 2016 Babchenko publicly stated that he did not feel sorrow over the crash of the Russian Tu-154 aircraft carrying the Alexandrov ensemble, several Russian film crews and human rights activist Elizabeth “Doctor Lisa” Glinka. After that several Russian politicians and journalists demanded to deprive him of his citizenship.

Babchenko left Russia in early 2017, he said – because of the threats he received. After that, he lived for some time in the Czech Republic and Israel, and in the summer of that year moved to Kiev.

Shortly before the assassination Babchenko wrote the last post on Facebook. He told about his “second birthday” – the day when he did not fit in the helicopter of Ukrainian general Sergey Kulchitsky, shot down on Donbass.

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