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The head of the UK tried to accuse Telegram of the terrorist attacks, but confused him with Instagram, and Petersburg called Leningrad

He mentioned that the agency offered to speed up the too long procedure of blocking prohibited resources.

Head of the Investigation Committee Alexander Bastrykin suggested blocking the Instagram in the territory of Russia. He also accused the service that he allegedly organized a terrorist attack in St. Petersburg (which Bastrykin called Leningrad), RBC reported .

We can not even close the Instagram. And, by the way, Instagram should be closed, because the terrorist attack in Leningrad last year was carried out with the help of Instagram.

Alexander Bastrykin

head of the RF CC

Previously, the FSB reported that a terrorist attack in the St. Petersburg metro was organized via Telegram. To the fact that the head of the SC messed up messenger and sotsset, indicates his remark about the fact that “Instagram sues the state.” Facebook’s subsidiary structure did not announce suits against the Russian authorities, unlike the telegram that teleported the FSB.

Speaking at the congress of children’s ombudsmen, Bastrykin added that Turkey already has its own information system for children, and Russian law enforcers are forced to “pull the lockout for years”: “We say let’s shorten the formal long procedure for closing websites and programs.”

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