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The FBI told how to protect itself from the attack of hackers Fancy Bear – restart the routers

According to the intelligence service, this will interfere with the work of the virus, even if it is installed.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation recommended that owners of home and small commercial networks reboot routers that could be subject to attack by Fancy Bear hackers.

The FBI advised to change the settings on the devices and protect the connection with more complex passwords. In addition, the Office noted that it is worth updating the devices to the latest versions and disabling the set remote access settings. According to the intelligence service, this will interfere with the operation of malicious software, even if it was installed.

On May 23, the US Justice Department announced the discovery of a network of devices infected by a group of hackers Fancy Bear. The FBI has suggested that information is collected through the network, including for new cyber attacks.

Washington links the Fancy Bear faction to Russia and assigns responsibility for hacking the servers of the Democratic Party during the presidential elections in the fall of 2016. There is no confirmation of this information yet.

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