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The adventures of a drunken Saratov official Alexander Vyskrebentsev (4 photos + video)

In Saratov, the traffic police stopped a company car, which was assigned to the Finance Ministry of the Saratov region. The car caught the attention of the police because of the lights turned off in the dark. Behind the wheel was a heavily drunk woman in unbuttoned body, and in the back seat a man was sleeping.

The woman immediately started scandalous with law enforcement. She refused to undergo a medical examination and began to threaten.

The woman at the wheel turned out to be the specialist in the guardianship and trusteeship of the administration of the Oktyabrsky district of Saratov, Maria V. Mishchenko, and the man who was sleeping in the back seat was the finance minister of the Saratov region Alexander Vyskrebentsev. The minister for a long time could not wake up, and when he woke up he tried to escape, but was detained.

After that both were taken to the police station.


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