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Study of the teeth of Hitler confirmed the circumstances of his death

Scientists from the University of Versailles-Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines conducted an independent study of the remains of Adolf Hitler, kept in the archives of the FSB of Russia.

 French researchers studied fragments of the skull and jaws of Adolf Hitler, stored in Moscow, and came to the conclusion about their authenticity. The results of the research refute the conspiracy theories, according to which Hitler did not commit suicide on April 30, 1945, but disappeared in Argentina and lived to the end of the twentieth century. Data on the work are published in the journal European Journal of Internal Medicine .


Dentures and a fragment of the skull, which are in the archives of the Federal Security Service and the State Archives of Russia, are the only surviving remains of the Nazi leader. This fact formed the basis of several conspiracy theories that Hitler could get to Latin America on a submarine. The FSB of Russia provided full access to the remains of the French scientists in the spring of 2017.


Using a binocular microscope, they performed a morphological study of a fragment of the skull measuring 10.7 by 12 centimeters with a rounded hole. The bone belonged to a person aged 45 to 75 years (Hitler committed suicide at 56 years old). The experts established that the morphology of the fragment coincides with the data of the X-ray photographs of Hitler’s head made in 1944. According to scientists, a hole in the bone can be followed by bullets – this confirms that death occurred after a shot in the forehead or neck, and not in the mouth, according to other versions. In favor of this argument is the fact that no traces of antimony, lead or barium were found on the jaws.


The studied teeth and fragments of prostheses / © P. Charlier at al.
The studied teeth and fragments of prostheses / © P. Charlier at al.


The jaws were examined with a scanning electron microscope. The analysis showed that the owner of the prosthesis practically did not eat meat – according to most biographers, Hitler was a vegetarian or at least limited the consumption of meat products. On metal prosthesis and small remains of dental tissue found bluish deposits. According to scientists, they can confirm the version that before the shot in the head the leader of the Nazis took cyanide. However, other causes of the appearance of blue spots are possible: for example, they could appear during the cremation of the corpse due to the high temperature. Set this will help a more thorough elemental analysis of sediments.


One of the authors of the study Philippe Charlier (Philippe Charlier) said: “The authenticity of the teeth is beyond doubt. We can put an end to all the conspiracy theories about Hitler. He did not flee to Argentina on a submarine and did not settle on a secret base in the Antarctic or on the dark side of the Moon. ”


Earlier, researchers suggested that the Führer of Germany could regularly use drugs.

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