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Six months ago, an actor from the “Star Trek” was accused of harassment. The prosecutor admitted that he invented many things


This is the first such case for the entire time of the movement against harassment.

George Takei. Getty Photos
George Takei. Getty Photos
In October 2017, the US launched a large-scale campaign against harassment, which started with charges against producer Harvey Weinstein. One of the first in the scandal was the star of the series “Star Trek” George Takei. Six months later, his accuser declared that he had invented many things and did not remember the details of what had happened.

In early November 2017, former model Scott Brunton (Scott Brunton) told how he rested with Takei in 1981. They drank together in the actor’s house and after that Branton “felt himself disoriented, fell into an armchair and disconnected.” According to him, when he woke up, he supposedly realized that Takei dropped his trousers and touched him. Then the actor said that he did not remember Brunton and the meeting with him, so he denied all the accusations.

In early May 2018, Brunton changed his testimony: he stated that he did not remember many of the things he told about. Toxicologists, addressed by journalists, also noted that the model could not simply wake up and leave after a large dose of drugs. The prosecutor added that he would like to receive an apology from the actor for the fact that he “used it.”

I felt so privileged because he was attractive and famous. I thought that he could be friends with different people, and talked with me. I just want him to apologize for taking advantage of our friendship.

Scott Brunton

Takei explained that he was glad of the end of this story and that he does not keep evil on Brunton: “As many know, it was a difficult period for me and my husband, as we tried to cope with the consequences of the charges. But now we are for the sake of seeing that the nightmare has come to an end. “

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