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Liverpool’s goalkeeper was threatened in social networks for mistakes in the Champions League final. The police began an investigation

Because of the “bloopers” Loris Karius has turned not only into a hero of jokes, but also into the object of hatred of football fans.

Two out of three

May 26 in Kiev was the final of the Champions League – the main club football tournament in Europe. The winner was Madrid “Real”, defeated “Liverpool” with a score of 3-1. The Spanish team was originally the favorite and won the Champions League for the third time in a row, but the fans of the English club are sure: Liverpool would have had more chances, had it not been for their goalkeeper Loris Karius.

Before the start of the second half, the score was 0-0. At the 51st minute the goalkeeper easily took the ball after casting and tried to enter it into the game, katnuv hand on the ground. But Carius did not notice the attacker of the “Real” Karim Benzema – it was necessary to just put his foot under the ball.

After that, the clubs exchanged goals, bringing the score to 2-1 in favor of the Spanish team. “Liverpool” could recoup, but at the end of the game, Karius again made a mistake: after a slight blow Bale from outside the penalty keeper kicked the ball right into the goal.

The game of the 24-year-old German footballer “Liverpool” helped “Real” win the 13th title of the Champions League in history. After the final whistle, the footage of the weeping Caryus, who apologized to the fans, flew across all sports media

Jokes and threats
The Champions League final is one of the most popular sporting events in the world, so the “bloopers” of Carius began to be discussed everywhere. Users of social networks joked about the “curvature” of the goalkeeper and compared it with other characters who could not hold anything.

Over errors, ironically, not only ordinary users, but also the stars. British presenter Jeremy Clarkson (“Grand Tour”) published a photo with him on the gate and signed “Liverpool”, I’m free. ”

Dear Liverpool. I’m available

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The jokes were followed by threats. On May 27, the Merseyside police began aninvestigation due to reports that Karius and his family were receiving. The player was threatened with death and wrote that his “girl” would be killed, and the son “deserved to die of cancer.” The police noted that “very seriously” refer to such words in social networks.

“I still lose these moments in my head”

Other users of social networks and athletes on the contrary supported the player who lost the final of the Champions League. Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson declined to blame Carius for losing the title: “We are winning the whole team and losing the whole team. This applies to all of us. We were not good enough that night. ”

The next day after the match in his tweet spoke and the goalkeeper. He acknowledged the mistakes and thanked the fans who supported him after what happened in Kiev.

I still have not slept. I still lose those moments in my head – again and again, and again … I infinitely apologize to teammates, in front of you, the fans, in front of all the staff of the club. I know that I messed up all my mistakes. And he let all down.

Thanks to our incredible fans who came to Kiev and supported me even after the match. I do not take it for granted – it once again showed me what a huge family we are. Thank you. We will return [and become] even stronger.

Loris Karius
goalkeeper of Liverpool
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