In Russia, the country’s first phone with crypto protection

© RIA Novosti / Evgenia Novozhenina

In Russia, the country’s first crypto protection phone was developed, focused on business and law enforcement. “This is the first device with an encryptor, which we give to the free sale,” – told RIA Novosti press secretary of the concern “Automatics” Vitaly Strugovets.

The development of “Cruise-K” ensures the conduct of duplex telephone calls in two modes: closed – with cryptographic protection of information when interacting with similar equipment, as well as in open mode, when communicating with a conventional IP-phone.

“An encrypted” Cruise “and an ordinary telephone are united into a single network, all of which are connected to a single network of automatic telephone exchanges. This allows you to carry encrypted secret calls from the “Cruise” to a regular phone, they will also be encrypted, “the engineers explained.

The cost of the device is not disclosed.

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