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In Las Vegas built a sphere with a screen 170 times larger than the canvas of the cinema

The outer part of the dome is represented by one large LED-screen, which reproduces any images.

The American company The Madison Square Garden Company intends to build a huge area in Las Vegas, which will become a platform for large-scale entertainment events. This is reported by the  Associated Press . The beginning of construction is planned for the summer of 2018.


The article does not specify the dimensions of the building, but it says that 18,000 spectators will fit inside. The outer shell of the sphere will consist of LEDs that will easily turn an arena into a globe or a tennis ball. The inside area will fill a wide LED screen. The authors of the project argue that if we consider the area of ​​the canvas of an ordinary cinema equal to 92 square meters, then the screen of the sphere will exceed it by 170 times, and its area will amount to 15,793 square meters.


According to the company’s executive director James L. Dolan , viewers will experience a three-dimensional sound, movement and even a smell:


Madison Square Garden
Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden
Madison Square Garden

“What do you need to convince you that you are not sitting here, but among the polar snows or in the Amazon rainforest?” Obviously, if you are on the North Pole, you will feel cold and see a glacier. This is exactly what we are trying to achieve: we try to convince you that you are being transferred to another place. We are going to use a tactile floor covering system that will start to vibrate when you, for example, go to the Harley – you will feel the stroke of the pistons. ”

The creators suggest that their premises will help to hold not only concerts, but also press conferences or matches on cybersport. In this case, each viewer will be able to participate in the tournament thanks to a pre-established connection system. Opening is planned for the New Year holidays of 2020.


In early May, the American company Uber demonstrated  its vision of the “air ports” of the future.

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