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In China, the villagers for lack of a bridge cross the city in zipline


For the local “entertainment” is free, but tourists have to pay.

Residents of the Chinese mountain village Lazimi (Lazimi) because of the lack of a bridge regularly move across the river, having hooked on the steel cable stretched over it. For the local way is the only way to get into the city.

A mother of two children from Lazimi Cha Huilan often makes “trips” over the river to buy medicines for her sick mother. She notes that the zyplain is not only uncomfortable, but also dangerous, because a woman often takes a two-year-old child with her to go to shops and the church. All the trip she holds him firmly, so that he does not fall into the river.

If they built a bridge, it would be good, but there is no other way to get there.

Cha Huilan
Cha Huilan with his child. Reuters photo
Cha Huilan with his child. Reuters photo

There are no bridges and roads to the other shore in the district yet, and the Well River (in Chinese – “Angry”) is too stormy for a boat crossing. For local residents, rent on the zipline is free, but tourists will have to pay eight dollars (about 500 rubles) in one direction.

Experts estimate that in the area of ​​the river Nu there are about 20-30 villages that still rely on ziplines as their main vehicle across the river, even if they are not always reliable. For example, when it rains, a ferry on a wire is an extremely dangerous occupation.

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