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“Han Solo” collected $ 148 million for 4 days, and this is not enough

A new film from the “Star Wars” universe collected $ 148 million for the debut weekend, $ 83.3 million was spent on the American market. This is much less than the projected “home” cash desk at $ 130-150 million. For comparison, “Star Wars: Awakening Force” collected in the US $ 247.9 million for the first weekend, “Izgoy-one: Star Wars. History “- $ 155 million,” Star Wars: The Last Jedi “- $ 220 million.

“Han Solo” became the second film-offshoot from the original series “Star Wars”.

The first, we recall, was “Izgoy-one”, in which new characters were introduced, which probably played a good picture. “Han Solo”, in turn, returned to its origins, and this was not met with particular enthusia

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