Apple is working on a new cover mount for future Macbook

One of the teams of Apple is working on a new fastening mechanism, which can be found in future Macbooks and, for example, iPad. The description of similar technology dates back to 2013, and now details of the new solution have appeared . It seems that the Cupertians decided to return to the old idea.

Judging by the description, the mount will be similar to the solution that is used in the Microsoft Surface Book. At the same laptop from competitors appeared after Apple showed its concept of the mechanism. The corporation calls its decision Living Hinge.

It is indicated that a new type of hinge will help to be used in devices with a screen at the top and a keyboard at the bottom – which, obviously, indicates the form factor of the laptop.

In a week, June 4, Apple will hold a conference at WWDC. The company will introduce new operating systems, other announcements are also likely. For example, there are old rumors about the development of a budget Macbook.

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