The hidden truth about the huge UFO armada flying to the Earth!

More recently, in the vastness of the Internet, information has appeared that a huge armada of spacecrafts is moving towards our planet. In 2018, it will enter the part of the solar system, and since an intelligent life exists only on our planet, it becomes clear where it moves extraterrestrial fleet.

A number of world media, at the request of their governments, denied this information, citing unclear images and said that we are afraid of nothing. But as it turns out in 2015 all over the world in secret from people, the governments of world powers began to build huge underground bunkers for huge depth.

And then the question arose, but why is it being built and what do they know, unlike us ordinary mortals? We’ll try to figure it all out today!

As I wrote in my previous articles that on earth once, quite long ago by our standards there were ancient highly developed civilizations and they were ruled by extraterrestrial invaders of Annunaki with their fellow rivals of the reptilian race, who eventually became more loyal to their slaves, the Sumerians and their varieties living on different continents of the planet Earth.

The extraterrestrial gods presented high technologies to people, taught everything they knew themselves and suddenly left our planet.

The descendants of the people left on their own in the course of time interrupted each other in terrible, destructive wars, and the small groups that survived founded the modern civilization of people.

Initially, scientists who discovered the armada of spacecraft decided that the previous owners wanted to return, but there was one “but” the owners, as it turns out we have been ruling us for a long time through our puppets in the governments of all countries, leading the destinies of the people and quietly, through the portals located on the South pole of Antarctica can come to our planet.

At the same time, not one inhabitant of planet Earth, or when he was a witness of space battles, only occasionally received messages and video recordings of unidentified flying objects that appeared in different parts of the world and pilots of these vehicles never used their weapons against these people. But the question remains open, who are they flying to us and what do they need from us?

If I read my other articles in them several times, I wrote about the surviving refugees from Mars, who left their home planet after a global catastrophe. It came from a collision of the planet Nibiru now known to us under the name Venus with the planet companion Faeton.

The fragments of which fell to Mars and almost completely destroyed the highly developed civilization of the Lemurians!

Her remnants moved to our planet, where they were forced to fight the Annunaki.

After suffering defeat from them, the Lemurians were forced to fly to outer space. And I would not be surprised if they found the planet fit for life, settled on it, built a huge infrastructure, multiplied and now fly in order to take revenge and build a colony on our planet.

And so we’ll see, wait is not very long, but I’ll write about reptilehouses in the next article!

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