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The guests of the economic forum left Petersburg without suitcases because of a failure at the airport

assengers left 200-400 pieces of luggage.

After 14:00 on May 26, employees of Pulkovo Airport could not process and load the luggage, which was handed over by participants of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum and other passengers. The reason was a malfunction in the city’s power grids, Kommersant reported .

The press service of the airport explained that the terminal was de-energized for several minutes. Because of this, the luggage system stopped, which required its reset. According to Pulkovo, we are talking about 200 unsent baggage units.

The photographer of the press service of the Russian Academy of Sciences Nikolai Malakhin, who flew from St. Petersburg after the closure of the SPIEF, said that 13 people were not found luggage upon arrival in Minvody. Employees of the airport called passengers another amount of unsent baggage – 400 units. Malakhin specified that he handed over the working equipment to the luggage and after a few hours of waiting went to the hotel. The nearest flight from St. Petersburg was scheduled for the morning of May 27.

Passengers should make claims to the airlines, which after that are dealt with the airport individually in each case, the press service of Pulkovo reported. All the luggage was promised to be sent to the destinations by the nearest flights.

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