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Students opened the world’s first fully robotic restaurant

Four students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and chef Daniel Buhlud, awarded the Michelin star, opened the world’s first fully robotic restaurant, Spyce, in Boston. This is written by Engadget.

Spyce has its own kitchen with seven autonomous units that allow you to quickly make healthy food. The customer needs to select one of the dishes in the electronic menu, and sprouts, cabbage, beans, corn and other vegetables and fruits, as well as various meat products, will automatically fall into one of the drum machines, after which they will be prepared. The only people who work in the restaurant are two chefs who cut and prepare the ingredients for cooking, and also fold the garnish.

The kitchen of the restaurant Spyce uses magnetic induction to heat food, and the cooker can automatically rinse itself after making each order.

In addition, Spyce has an open kitchen, so anyone can watch how their food is cooked automatically. Despite the specifics of the cuisine, many experts appreciate the taste of the dishes.

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