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Report from social networks: Rope walker who passed through the diluted Palace Bridge in St. Petersburg

The main danger was that the spans could swing “up to a meter”.


On the night of May 27, Rasul Abakarov, a tightrope walker, walked along a tightrope stretched across the diluted Palace Bridge in St. Petersburg. He did it in honor of City Day, and tens of thousands of local residents and guests watched him from both sides. The passage lasted about three minutes, during which the tightrope walker was with minimal insurance.

According to Abakarov, the idea of ​​a trick came to him after he once stayed a night on the Vasilievsky Island because of divorced bridges. In an interview with Metro, he told me that he had been preparing for about a month with a group of climbers and stuntmen. Among them was the father of Rasul Mukhtar – they both represent a circus dynasty.

Mukhtar Abakarov admitted before the execution of the trick that the team will have little time to pull the cable between the spans of the bridge after its wiring. “Spans of the bridge can swing to a meter – and this is the main danger. But I’m not going to risk my son, of course. I will do my best so that he safely fulfills his dream, “Mukhtar said.

At first it seemed that there was a hitch: Rasul himself experienced before the event – to walk on the rope, when the river flows under you, making your head spin is much more difficult than passing over a stable surface. […]

But the rope-walker won the fear and all the difficulties caused by nature, and passed at an altitude of 40 meters above the water – from the Vasilievsky Island to the Admiralty. From the water, the whistles of motor ships were heard-many people bought excursions at that time, in order to observe the original trick from the water.

” Fontanka “

After performing the trick Abakarov thanked everyone in his Instagram.

Complete recording of the passage through the divorced bridge. Video of RIA Novosti
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