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Poroshenko’s answer to homophobic petition: Constitution of Ukraine does not allow discrimination of gays


More than 25,000 people signed the petition “On the protection of traditional family values ​​and the institution of the family.”

An appeal about limiting the constitutional rights of LGBT people to public actions and “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations”, as in Russia, was signed by more than 25,000 citizens. However, the President of Ukraine, Peter Poroshenko, made it clear that the Constitution and laws are above all .

Sharing the public concern on the issue, I want to note that our common goal is to build a tolerant, democratic and European society.

Concerning the prohibition on the legislative level of propaganda and promotion of various types of deviant sexual behavior and anti-family ideas, I think it is necessary to note that it is the duty of every person not to encroach on the rights and freedoms, honor and dignity of others (Article 68 of the Constitution of Ukraine).

Any form of discrimination, including incitement to discrimination based on sexual orientation, is prohibited.

Any legislative initiatives aimed at limiting constitutional rights are unconstitutional.

Peter Poroshenko
President of Ukraine
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