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Instruction: Bypassing the Telegram lock for the desktop, iOS and Android

We are preparing to limit access to Pavel Durov’s messenger.

The material was updated in early April, before the court hearing on the suit of Roskomnadzor on the blocking of Telegram. On April 13 the court decided to block the messenger.

The likelihood that access to Telegram in Russia will be limited becomes higher. While not prohibited, talks about the simplest ways to bypass a potential lock.

Proxy Lists

  • In the Telegram settings, you need to go to the connection settings and select the connection type – via the Socks5 proxy;
  • Then you need to enter the server address and port, and then save the settings.

Foreign proxy servers are provided for free or for free. The latter implies more stable operation, higher speed and a greater choice of countries through which the connection is made.

In this case, even when communicating through a proxy server from a paid list, a failure may occur. The duration of free proxy servers is usually short, they soon become paid or out of date. Lists are not always updated regularly, so try different services.

When choosing a proxy for the country, users advise the UK, Sweden, Germany, the US and Canada. However, there is a possibility that the farther away from Russia the proxy server is located, the worse the connection quality can be.

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VIOMI V3 LDS Laser Navigation Wet and Dry Robot Vacuum Antibacterial system – GermanyIt is important to choose a server for the SOCKS5 protocol, not HTTP. Usually the sites have the necessary notes about the type.

Free: Spys , Socklist , , Unlockgram and TgVPN .

Paid : Hide My Ass , Best Proxies , Proxyhub .

A month after the publication of this material, the public organization Roskomsvoboda announced the launch of the project. On the basis of this site, activists collect VPN services that maximally meet the “requirements for reliability and security when using the Internet.”

VPN-services for the desktop


VPN-services, as well as proxy-servers, are presented as free of charge, and for different monthly fee.

Some services, like TunnelBear or ZenMate, have free versions with restriction on traffic or the choice of countries. Prices for paid services on average start from five dollars a month. For search the site That one privacy site , where there is a rating with an estimation of applications on a number of criteria will approach .

Free: TunnelBear , FreeOpenVPN , CyberGhost , Hola .

Paid (or partially paid): HotSpot Shield , Mullvad , Zenmate , IPVanish VPN , NordVPNStrongVPN , OverPlay , ProtonVPN , CyberGhost , Betternet .

Proxy and bot in Telegram itself

On June 30, Telegram developers added the ability to bypass SOCKS5 locks to their official iOS application. Later a similar function became available for Telegram X.

In the same month, the development team led by Vladislav Zdolnikov, IT consultant of the Anti-Corruption Fund, launched a bot inside Telegram, which provides paid access to high-speed VPN connections directly through the messenger itself. To run it on Windows, you need an OpenVPN client.

More bots:

There is a solution from the team Vee Security, which provides free working settings for access to proxy servers. The company is based in Estonia and was criticized for the lack of sections on the site with terms of service provision and privacy policy.

VPN applications

The running VPN mode works by default for all applications. This means that the connection speed can be lower than with a direct connection. Users run the risk of experiencing a relatively slow work not only by Telegram, but also, for example, “VKontakte” or Facebook. Customers of paid VPN services need to be twice more careful because of the traffic.

On Android, you can configure the VPN to separate applications, including Telegram. For these purposes, for example, the application VyprVPN. A similar possibility for iOS users was not found.

Proceeding from this, the VPN-mode should be enabled on iOS only at the moments when Telegram is needed. The most difficult in this situation will be for those who use the messenger constantly: for work or personal purposes.

Paid and free VPN services are available in online stores.

Free: Onavo Protect ( App Store , Google Play ), CyberGhost ( App Store , Google Play), VyprVPN ( App Store , Google Play ).

Paid: Nord VPN ( App Store , Google Play ), Express VPN ( App Store , Google Play ), ( App Store , Google Play ).

Telegram MTPROTO Proxy

After the events with Telegram block in Iran and Russia, a new type of Proxy started appearing in the beta versions of the messenger, and, to be more precise, the new protocol is MTProto Proxy and Telegram MTPROTO Proxy


In the vastness of the chat rooms, a semi-official proxy was found in the telegrams, which works fine with the new protocol and (seemingly) is launched by one of the developers, here it is:

But this not all, enthusiasts on Github by the source analysis method are trying to make their proxy server (yet official yet), here are a couple of projects.  
How to config MTProto here is complete configuration
PS And in the most recent version of the library for VOIP calls that is used in telegram support for the conference mode is found, it seems that soon there will be two big announcements at once. Is Telegram safe? Or how I was looking for a bookmark in MTProto. and How to use Telegram after blocking, if I’m a humanist here are Configuring your own VPN server in two clicks . if you are interested in cheap way to  create a proxy server for Telegram .

How it works (for example, Opera VPN): If you press the mode button, the corresponding icon will be displayed at the top of the screen. If you want (for example, if you are dissatisfied with the quality of the connection), you can change the region where the server is located.

Are Telegram and VPN blocked?

Before Telegram, several instant messengers were blocked at once. Imo and WeChatagreed to cooperate with Roskomnadzor and entered the register of information distributors, after which they were unblocked. Zello , BlackBerry Messenger and Linerefused and remained inaccessible on the territory of Russia. Each service is still available in the App Store or Google Play. In Russia, they can be used through VPN-services.

Roskomnadzor never once asked Apple or Google to remove instant messengers from online stores . In this case, companies have already removed the extremist content after the threat of blocking. Applications Telegram disappeared from the App Store in several countries at once because of “inappropriate content,” which, according to media reports, turned out to be child porn.

While the similar case was only one: from the Russian online stores, applications of the professional social network LinkedIn were deleted . True, in that case, the authorities were guided by the law on personal data, and not the register of information disseminators.

The option, in which VPN services are completely banned, is not yet considered. A bill to bypass blockages implies that Roskomnadzor intends to persuade the owners of the VPN-services cooperation: either they limit access to forbidden sites or service is blocked.

But if Telegram still decide to block, it is possible that the agency will be able to restrict users’ access to it: it says experience blocking less popular instant messengers.

If Telegram is blocked

There is a possibility that VPN-networks and anonymizers will not help . Since November 2017, Russia has a law banning the use of sites from the register of prohibited locks. So far, Roskomnadzor has never used this law and can do it only on the orders of the FSB.

Based on the experience of other messengers, the possibility of removing Telegram from the Russian App Store or Google Play is not very great. But even in this case, users will be able to download the application.

Owners of devices on iOS will have to download an instant messenger from the App Store of another country. At the same time, purchases made earlier will not be lost.

The VPN service does not help to circumvent the regional limitations of Google Play. Therefore, the owners of devices on Android will have to download the installation file from a special site.

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