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Indian fishermen turn ocean plastic into roads.

In India, plastic waste was found to be an excellent application: after processing, they are used for road construction.

Several years ago, Dutch scientists proposed the concept PlasticRoad – plastic roads. The automobile route will be assembled from plastic modules capable of withstanding the same load as the asphalt. They are lighter than conventional coatings, they are easy to transport, and the soil is less susceptible to subsidence. In addition, this material is distinguished by its cheapness, durability and the speed with which it is designed. And after the end of their service life, the modules can be recycled and re-used.

This idea is already being implemented in India, but here it was taken in a different technological way: the ground plastic is mixed and melted at a temperature of about 170 ° C, then hot bitumen is added there and after mixing the material is laid as ordinary asphalt.

 According to data for 2017, about 100,000 kilometers of roads have been laid out of recycled plastic in India. Many states of the country participate in the innovation program, and local fishermen initiated in Kerala. After they got more plastic in their network than the fish, they, with the support of local authorities, created a regional waste recycling center.


Now the fishermen and the owners of the boats supply all the garbage that they find in the sea. More than 5000 people are already participating in this program. For the year, the plastic catch was 65 tons.


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