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Fake: Hillary Clinton decided to lead Facebook

The media took a joke for the serious intention to replace Mark Zuckerberg.

Hillary Clinton. Reuters photo
Hillary Clinton. Reuters photo

On May 27,, Ekho Moskvy, Moscow Says Moscow and other Russian media reported on the desire of former US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton to head Facebook, which is managed by its founder Mark Zuckerberg. All publications referred to The Washington Post.

However, this is not true: Hillary Clinton has no plans to remove Zuckerberg as head of Facebook. The question and the answer were half-joking.

On May 25, Hillary Clinton gave an interview before awarding awards at Harvard. Attorney General of Massachusetts Maura Healy decided to ask a theoretical “easy” question, Clinton smiled at the answer, and the audience took the politician’s words with a laugh.

Healy: If you could lead any company right now, who would you choose and why?

Clinton: Facebook. I just want to add: this is the biggest news site in the world. We can read there wonderful authors, like [writer and journalist] David Ingatius, and try to keep abreast of the news. At the same time, many residents of our country receive news, truthful or not, from Facebook. Now Facebook is trying to take [under control] the unexpected consequences of its business model, I hope that they will do everything right. It is very important for our democracy that people receive accurate information for making their decisions.

Clinton hinted at the actions of Facebook after the latest scandals with the alleged interference of Russia in the US elections and the leakage of personal data of social network users.

Clinton answers the question about which company she would head. Full video
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