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European Champion in kickboxing was sentenced to 22 years for selling drugs

Alexander Bolshakov was not only an athlete, but also an employee of the Federal Drug Control Service

Probably, the richest of ordinary employees of the now disbanded State Drug Control Service, is recognized as the organizer of large deliveries of cocaine and hashish to Russia from Uruguay and Europe.

11 kilograms of cocaine, 127 kilograms of hashish, 206 liters of gamma-butyrolactone. Such volumes were taken to Russia by Bolshakov and his accomplices Alexey Anufriev, Eugene Gilani and Stanislav Brekhov. Today, the St. Petersburg court sentenced them to 22, 22.5, 20 and 17 years in a strict regime colony, respectively. Bolshakov’s civil husband – Ekaterina Smirnova told the Komsomolka correspondent that she will not cry.

“I used to cry, but I will not do it again.” He is alive, healthy. And this is the most important thing. In life there are worse situations. We will fight. The investigation has no evidence. We asked the court to show the jury as a case of a box of cocaine. But they could not. Because it is not there, no evidence. We will appeal this unfair …, – said the civil wife of Bolshakov Ekaterina Smirnova. But on a half-word it was interrupted by a sound signal of a mobile phone. Ekaterina laughed gaily and began to type something in response, forgetting about the journalists.

We did not hesitate to say that Bolshakov is the richest of the ordinary employees of the State Drug Control Service – a park of expensive cars, a chic house with the first wife raising his child, expensive apartments and mansions. Welfare appeared in 2011, when Bolshakov resigned from drug control, where he received a salary somewhere 40 thousand rubles. Two victories in the European kickboxing championships could not bring such an income. Bolshakov dreamed of a world championship.

Questions to the welfare of Bolshakov from law enforcement agencies were. They suspect that an experienced employee of an anti-drug unit knows all the channels of supply and sale of drugs.

In 2014, Pulkovo customs officers took Brekhov with a large batch of cocaine from Uruguay. Then Stanislav brought law enforcers to his accomplices. Operatives monitored how hashish and gammabutyrolactone from Finland is conducted through the Torfyanovkua checkpoint. They smuggled them and took it. But it was not possible to prove the sale of drugs.

The verdict Bolshakov and his accomplices listened confidently. Then the ringleader declared that he was innocent.

As his lawyer explained, Bolshakov perceives any punishment as revenge for a principled position on this case:

– In the materials of the case, a person is mentioned, I can not name his name, which law enforcement agencies are well aware of in Russia and abroad. He is the organizer, but he could not get to the investigation, and they made the main Bolshakov. That’s condemned. Of course, we will appeal.

But the prosecutor is sure that the verdict will stand in the appellate instance:

– Evidence is enough. There are witnesses, there are video recordings. In addition, there is a criminal case, separated from it into a separate proceeding, but for the time being against unidentified persons. The investigation has something to work on.

Alexander Bolshakov is a two-time European champion in kickboxing according to the WFCA version. He conducted 22 fights, of which he did not lose a single one. He was detained in 2014 during preparations for the World Championships in Holland.

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