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Elon Musk “went to war” in CMI. And he advised the news site related to the cult and sex trafficking

The entrepreneur believes that journalists have lost the readers’ trust. The journalists caught him.

Elon Musk. Reuters photo
Elon Musk. Reuters photo

Head of SpaceX and Tesla Elon Musk has been arguing with American journalists on Twitter for two weeks already. He believes that the media industry has a crisis, and large media companies are mired in hypocrisy, because of which the society allegedly ceased to trust them. The American media began to write that the businessman went to them “war”. In the end, reporters caught the entrepreneur when he left a link to the news site, which is called the organizers of the sex cult associated with the defendants nowadays.

The Musk has a whole history of confrontation with journalists. For example, he fileda lawsuit against Top Gear transmission producers because of the negative reviews on the Tesla Roadster (but lost ), criticized the materials The New York Times and Forbes about the Tesla Model S, as well as the accused Fortune is that it is written on the driver’s death Tesla with autopilot enabled in exchange for “increasing advertising revenue”.

With a new wave of criticism, the entrepreneur hit the media because of the “incorrect” coverage of an electric vehicle accident involving an autopilot. “This is some kind of superlarge. The incident with Tesla, the result of which was a broken ankle, is on the main pages of the media, and almost no one is covering the situation with 40,000 people killed in an accident in the US for a year, “the Washington Post commented on Musk.

Media against the background of the conflict compared Musk to Trump

Initially, many Western journalists assumed that Musk mocks them. They were unconcerned about his intention to create a site Pravda with a rating of the reliability of the media. Then the head of Tesla – after an attempt to buy the domain occupied by the “Ukrainian Truth” and assumptions that this is a Russian publication – acquired the domain Doubts about the seriousness of the musk have practically disappeared.

During the conflict, major American publications began to publish columns about why Musk is not right. NYT even gave a review of the essence of the claims of the head of SpaceX with the phrase ” Give us a good rating .”

He is influenced by Twitter. He does not cope with criticism. He scolds the media for alleged lies and threatens to create something like a Soviet tool to monitor them. He forces people to fork out in exchange for promises that he does not fulfill. He is a billionaire whose business is close to bankruptcy. He made the image of the destroyer of the traditional establishment, but in reality he is little more than the unusually successful master of the word. His fans are fanatics. I’m talking about Elon Muske – Donald Trampe from the Silicon Valley.

The New York Times

I’m worried about the Musk assumption that there is some kind of “true credibility” that can be evaluated in each material. I thought a lot about this against the background of Trump’s campaign with the discrediting of any media that says or writes about it is not the most pleasant thing. […]


Arguments musk, apparently based on a fundamental misunderstanding of how journalism works. According to records Musk, he believes that journalists form their [editorial] content for the service advertisers, but it’s not. Of course, the publication receive advertising revenue, but the journalists themselves are not responsible for their preparation and in general are not connected with them. Negative lighting Tesla has nothing to do with the money of advertisers.


But it went to the media

In Twitter drew attention to a quote in the material NYT about the musk, according to which the electric vehicles should not be called the wave of the future, at least for the mass market. The article states that gasoline still has an advantage in terms of cost and energy density. Co-founder Engadget called this “the most unconfirmed phrase he heard lately.” Around this a discussion ensued, in which Elon Musk eventually came.

“Elon Musk is fighting journalists, pointing to a lack of journalistic ethics and bias. Journalists strike back – with a lack of journalistic ethics and bias ”

“If your news channels and materials are so reliable, then why this fear, that the credit of trust to you will be assessed? It’s ironic that they say “Ilon can not cope with criticism” and get irritated while he just jokes ”
Elon Musk agreed with this tweet.

“Well said. A NYT journalist is indignant that the “dumb” public dares to criticize him for being sensitive to criticism. Oh”

“Arguments that journalists use against the public, word for word, repeat the arguments of despots against democracy”
Musk agreed with the opinion that there are good and “shitty” journalists, and said that many media despise their audience.

“Yes, that’s exactly it. But after offering a public discussion, I was stunned by the level of contempt of many media to their readers. Everything is much worse than I thought ”
Against the backdrop of a conflict with journalists, one of the readers asked Musk if he was bored. The businessman shared a link to the parody account “The Missing Musk”, wrote “Sometimes it seems to me that we are one person” and retwined his old record.

The musk was eventually criticized for linking to a publication related to sex cult. In the case of him, an actress from the “Smallville Mysteries”

On May 26, Musk published on Twitter a link to an article in Wikipedia about the critical thinking and material of The Knife, recommending it through an “excellent” analysis of the media’s reaction to his statements.

In the article The Knife has its own rating of the reliability of publications that write about the Musk. For example, the Washington Post supposedly earned only 35 points out of 100, and USA Today – 42 points. Criteria of The Knife are extremely conditional: the publication assessed the “subjectivity and dramatic language,” “support for one or another point of view,” “the number of erroneous reasoning,” and “the number of inaccuracies or missing data.”

The Knife is difficult to call media with an ideal reputation. The editions of Slate and Newsweek reminded that the publication, which praised Musk, is connected with the suspects in the creation of the organization NXIVM, built on the principle of the pyramid. She was a sex cult who had recruited girls for the past 20 years and subsequently used them for sexual slavery. As the magazine Paste found out , the executive producer of The Knife is a participant of NXIVM.

About NXIVM again started talking after the arrest of actress Ellison Mack, who played in the series “Secrets of Smallville.” Mack was accused of luring the victims. Also, other members of the organization will appear before the court .

The journalist of NBC News noted that in the light of such advice, the entrepreneur “does not wait” for his site with a rating of reliability. Nevertheless, Musk tried to justify his action.

“The dude quoted by Musk is written by the most real cult // It’s sad, but there’s a better critical analysis than in publications that are not cult”

“I’m serious: when did you last time in the news department with a reporter who [at this time] did not interview you? I think it’s important that you come and see the process itself [/] / / “You miss the point and live in a bubble of self-righteous hypocrisy. The public does not trust you. This was true even before the last election, and [after them] only got worse. Do not you believe me? Start the poll »
After criticism from the media, Musk removed the tweet with a recommendation to read The Knife.

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