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A development team from Russia launched a VPN bot for Telegram

The development team led by co-founder Newcaster.TV Vladislav Zdolnikov launched the VPN service TgVPN , available from the bot inside Telegram. About this Zdolnikov told.

A service called TgVPN is connected to the device via the @TgVPNbot bot . It has a menu to pay for the service and connect VPN profile, which is available on Android, iOS and MacOS without additional applications. For Windows, you need to install the OpenVPN client , but its latest versions do not work on Windows XP.

In TgVPN, the month of service costs $ 5, three months – $ 12, but referral links can get test access for two days. Payment is made both through bank cards, and through the crypto-currencies Bitcoin and DASH.

After connecting in the VPN settings, you can choose one of the servers – they are located in Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Luxembourg, New York, San Francisco and Singapore. The company itself is registered in Scotland, and its employees live in different countries: according to Zdolnikov, this guarantees that requests for information from the CIS authorities will be ignored.

TgVPN is positioned as a “service for the protection of data transmitted through the Internet, bypassing locks and anonymity on the Internet.”

The speed in TgVPN is unlimited, but the service is designed only for personal use and does not give access to the BitTorrent protocol. The company explains this by the fact that due to such traffic on the VPN server, a shaft of complaints from rightholders will flow, and TgVPN decided to abandon the torrents completely.

The users who tested the service demonstrated the speed of downloading data at a level above 60 Mb / s and even 150 Mb / s. The editor registered a speed of 12-20 Mbps when connecting to the network at a rate of 100 Mbps when connecting to TgVPN.

According to Zdolnikov, the idea of ​​launching such a service is not caused either by the potential blocking of Telegram (although they continue to insist on registering a messenger in the registry at Roskomnadzor ), or blocking sites in Ukraine , but what has prompted the launch of the project.

Existing VPN-services did not suit me, mainly because of discomfort when using the Internet through them: a small speed, a great delay. At the same time, I raised a personal VPN server and I was comfortable using it. Then I had an idea to make a service that would be comfortable to use constantly. This idea I had for several years, but could not think of an original concept.

The concept of VPN-service with interaction via Telegram appeared, it seems, at the end of December 2016: that’s when I assembled the team and we started working on the project. Several people work on the project, they are in different countries.

First of all, of course, [the reason for launching] is the high need for high-quality VPN in the CIS countries. The concept of such a service seemed attractive to us. Well, all that was happening, of course, only encouraged us to bring our service to the launch.

Vladislav Zdolnikov, head of TgVPN, co-founder of Newcaster.TV

For the first day of the launch, TgVPN received over three thousand registrations: “Separately, I want to say thank you for trusting our customers, because in the case of public VPN services, reputation is the main indicator, and it’s important for us not to deceive customers’ confidence,” Zdolnikov said.

While the service does not have a link to the payment platform in Telegram . Zdolnikov explains this by saying that while Telegram supports only the Stripe payment system, TgVPN has “no relations with it”. However, according to his information, Telegram is negotiating the Paymentwall, which will allow TgVPN to use the payments built into the messenger.

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